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To celebrate Plastic Free July, we asked the amazing Juno from our Rathmines store what zero-waste means to her and her top tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle...
  • What does zero waste living mean to you?

    Zero waste living means thinking about the bigger picture and the future of our planet by taking responsibility for our actions. It means making a conscious effort to try and better ourselves in our day to day habits. The main aim is to prevent waste and reduce pollution whilst promoting sustainability so that our amazing planet can continue to flourish. When we each take small steps, it amount to a larger change!

  • What are your top sustainability tips for Plastic Free July?

    My top sustainability tips for plastic-free July are to…


    • Start small – It doesn’t have to be a huge change to make a difference.
    • Try to use reusable cups, water bottles & bags instead of takeaway coffee cups when out and about.
    • When going shopping make a list of what you need to buy to ensure you aren’t buying products you don’t need. Another tip for shopping is to only buy products once you have run out of them at home.
    • Try upcycling items that you have at home, many items have more than one use – empty jars makes fantastic vases and toothbrush holders!


    These simple steps can help avoid a lot of waste.

  • How has reducing your plastic use improved your day to day life?

    Reducing plastic use has improved my day to day life as it makes me feel like I’m making a difference and contributing to the zero waste movement. Plastic has a huge impact on the environment and by reducing your consumption even by a little bit you are helping reduce your impact on the planet.

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